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The Mill - Post-Restoration

Dinham in Autumn, Restoration Taking Place

Top Image courtesy of Gareth B Thomas, local photographer.

The main feature, and theme, of the Mill renovation was to demonstrate the effective use of natural power sources to assist in providing energy. The potential energy of the River Teme was used in the old mill to provide mechanical power for milling, and at the beginning of the last century electrical power. The new Water Wheel again harnesses the power of rushing water.

High levels of insulation have been built into the structure to reduce heat loss. Barring a few exceptions, the work done on the mill was through a dry process, with no wet trades. The structural frame has been exposed internally to reflect the character of the timber trusses used in the Mill.

The original mill race was sealed off before a swimming pool was constructed here in the 1950s. When the Millennium Green was created, a new underground culvert was introduced beneath the Green to follow the course of the old mill race. The mill race has now been re-opened, allowing water to flow through the mill building, and onwards via the culvert to discharge into the river.


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