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Friends of Dinham Millennium Green Trust helped to raise thousands of pounds towards the Green and the Mill. They help with running costs, fundraising and social events. Joining is simple, and so worthwhile…

Volunteer friends needed.

Friends of the Green

Want to Become a Trustee?

The Dinham Millennium Green, Mill on the Green, and Dinham Castle Weir are three prominent features to the west of Ludlow Town Centre. They are the responsibility of the Millennium Green Trustees, who under the terms of their trust deed, are required to hold them for the benefit of the community forever!


Insofar as it goes, this may be regarded as an excellent proposition for the community, who may, forever, enjoy the delights of the Millennium Green and its special features, set, as they are, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. But, the present trrustees are mortal beings, a good number of them being in their seventies, and cannot be about forever in order to exercise the duties required of them by the trust deed.

It is imperative, therefore, that a new generation of trustees is found to maintain and carry forward the ethos and spirit of the Dinham Millennium Green for people of all ages for generations to come. By September 2011, trustees must be appointed, for an initial four-year period, in order to replace the present band of individuals, upon some of whom, time has begun to take its toll.

The search is on for people who are, in equal measure, equipped with common sense, quick witted and industrious, in order to assume the role of future Millennium Green Trustees. People attracted by the contents of this article, are the people for whom the present trustees are searching. A brief CV would be appreciated from each of those to whom the future of the Millennium Green, Mill on the Green and Dinhman Weir is more than important.

CVs please to Paul Nicholls, Chairman, Dinham Millennium Green Trust, 1 Dinham, Ludlow, SY8 1EJ.
Tel: 01584-876570     e-mail:

Click here to download the application form to become a friend of the green.


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