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Friends of Dinham Millennium Green Trust helped to raise thousands of pounds towards the Green and the Mill. They help with running costs, fundraising and social events. Joining is simple, and so worthwhile…

Volunteer friends needed.

Education and Tourism

TIC Display, Millennium Green 1900

Images courtesy of Gareth B Thomas, local photographer.

If you would like to plan a school visit to the Millennium Green, you are welcome to make a pre-visit inspection for the purposes of risk assessment. The Green is removed from motor traffic but is bordered by shallow stretches of the River Teme. The hard-surfaced footpaths and defined routes through an area of woodland are perfectly secure for pedestrians.

The Mill on the Green adjoins the Green itself. The Mill’s water wheel and generator can also be inspected and are thoroughly protected by sturdy see-through grilles.

Within the Mill on the Green is a small meeting/study room which can be booked by prior arrangement for a modest fee. We can also provide a knowledgeable site guide if requested.

Educational visits to the Mill centre on;

  • The Waterwheel and its “green” electricity production
  • How does a waterwheel generate power?
  • Ludlow’s past reliance on mills for growth and prosperity
  • The River Teme – From Welsh hills to open sea
  • Flora and fauna
  • Painting and sketching

The Mill on the Green trustees are volunteers who seek to promote the value of the Mill and Green to the community. They value school visits above all else. Teachers – just ask for their help.

NOTE: Nearly all footpaths are wheelchair-friendly. Within the Mill there is a lift and disabled toilets.


Ludlow and the Teme Gorge through Dinham and Ludford is a classic place of world-renown in the field of Geology. They were rocks of the Silurian series which were first classified here by Sir Roderick Murchison in the 1830s. Ludlow had an enviable tradition of advanced amateur study and Murchison incorporated much work that the amateurs had done.


One of the great advantages of the Millennium Green is that it permits free and unencumbered access to a large area of river frontage. At Dinham, the Trust enjoys normal riparian rights but is happy to welcome anglers free of charge, provided they are correctly licensed and abide by both laws and code.

Dinham is not as rich in fish as it used to be, but still supports good numbers of Grayling below the weir and useful numbers of coarse fish. The “Autumn Run” of salmon moving upstream can be seen at Castle Weir in late October/November. The recent construction of a fish pass at the western end of the weir promises to facilitate the speedy progress of the spawning fish as they fight their way upstream.


The view of Dinham from the south-east presents river, trees and weir against the backdrop of the castle walls. It is a scene captured by hundreds of artists, including the great Turner. The scene was depicted on "Welcome to Ludlow" signs, as decor in an old-style railway carriage, on the cover of a toffee tin and in an advertisement for car electrics.

Many reproductions of paintings and photographs may be seen on our “Welcoming Wheel” inside the cafe, on the patio wall and on our interpretative signs throughout the building.


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